PSA of the Day

New conspiracy theory: My beloved but geriatric 17 inch MacBook Pro, which essentially become a desktop machine after I got an Air, died last night. Apple sent an email this morning about the new iMac, released yesterday. Coincidence? Joke’s on them. There's no replacement in the budget for the foreseeable future. However, the good news is—EVERYTHING IS …

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Nightscript, Volume 1

Nightscript, Volume 1, edited by C.M. Muller, available in print and ebook editions from the publisher and Amazon. Contains my story “The Cuckoo Girls” along with stunning stories by Kristi DeMeester, Gregory L. Norris, Charles Wilkinson,  David Surface, Daniel Mills, Kirsty Logan, Kyle Yadlosky, Clint Smith, Damien Angelica Walters, Eric J. Guignard,  Marc E. Fitch, Michael Kelly, Bethany W. Pope,  John Claude Smith,  Zdravka Evtimova,  Jason A. Wyckoff,  Ralph Robert Moore, Christopher Burke, and Michael …

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Context is Everything—Or Is It?

I've been missing in action for some time. I spent the summer living in England and traveling in Europe. Although I fully intended to blog about my travels, it didn't happen. (But, other writing did happen. Lots of writing. It was a good summer in all respects.) At the moment, big changes are taking place in Real Life. I'm …

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