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New Short Story

I am honored and thrilled to have a new short story, “Zwillingslied,” included in this amazing lineup, announced today by editor C.M. Muller. Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles Table of Contents: “The Last Salvador” — Tim Jeffreys “Details Which Would Otherwise Be Lost to Shadow” — Clint Smith “Zwillingslied” — Patricia Lillie “Static” — Chris Shearer “Stuck With Me” —…

Fiction Fragments: Patricia Lillie

Originally posted on Girl Meets Monster:
Last week, horror writer Lynn Hortel stopped by to share her fragment and talk about the things that sometimes prevent us from finishing a writing project. This week, my friend and fellow Seton Hill alum, Patricia Lillie is here at Girl Meets Monster. Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of catching up with…

About Abby

Notes on an Autistic Protagonist In 1826, novelist Ann Radcliffe defined the main characteristics of Horror fiction as terror, the mounting dread that takes place in anticipation of an event, and horror, the disgust or revulsion that takes place after the event. Stephen King, William Nolan, and others have written that Horror fiction is not about the monster behind the…


Let it go. Her daily mantra. Sometimes hourly.

Her brother doesn’t return her call? Let it go. She leaves yet another message, the fourth or fifth—she can’t remember which—in three days.

Wet towels on the bathroom floor? Let it go. She gathers up the mess and dumps it in the hamper.

A car rear-ends her at the stoplight? Let it go. She smiles, exchanges insurance info, calls the tow truck.

In the end, a small thing breaks her. Insignificant. Anyone else would ignore it. She can’t. She lets go and wonders who will clean up the mess.

My response to a prompt from the fabulous Lana Hechtman Ayers. Drafted in Pemaquid, Maine in June, 2013 and edited into a drabble.

Drabble (plural drabbles): A short story (fiction) exactly 100 words long.
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