Picture Books

All of my picture books were published by Greenwillow Books, then an imprint of William Morrow, now an imprint of Harper Collins. Here’s a look at the covers and a little more information on each.

All illustrations copyright by the illustrator.

One Very, Very Quiet Afternoon Illustrated by Patricia Lillie. My first book, long out-of-print. Annabelle Barbra Cavendish’s quiet afternoon tea party is disrupted by Daniel Ezra Fiddleson and other friends, whose names run through the alphabet. Greenwillow Books/William Morrow 1986.

Jake and Rosie Illustrated by Patricia Lillie. Jake and Rosie are best friends, neighbors, and inseparable. They even try to dress like twins. 0ne day, Jake can’t find Rosie, anywhere. He begins to cry. But she comes home and brings a nice surprise. Greenwillow Books/William Morrow 1989.

When the Rooster Crowed Illustrated by Nancy Winslow Parker. The rooster’s awake, and so are the horse, the cow, the pigs, and the chickens. But the farmer wants to sleep in. A fun and noisy read-aloud for everyone. Greenwillow Books/William Morrow 1991.

Everything Has a Place Illustrated by Nancy Tafuri. In the best of all possible worlds, everything has a warm and cozy place: a cow in a barn, a cat in a chair, and where’s the baby? On a lap, of course! A warm and reassuring read-aloud for the youngest listener. Greenwillow Books/William Morrow 1993.

When This Box Is Full Illustrated by Donald Crews. This box is empty, but not for long. Month by month, it will fill with wonderful things, perfect for sharing. Greenwillow Books/William Morrow 1993.

Floppy Teddy Bear Illustrated by Karen Lee Baker. Little sisters, don’t you just love them? Big sister has a new teddy bear, and she loves it. But little sister wants it. A lot. So she takes it, again and again. Luckily, Mama has a solution. Greenwillow Books/William Morrow 1995.