Collections & Short Stories


The Cuckoo Girls, JournalStone/Trepidatio Publishing. Forthcoming, April 2020.

Sixteen stories, half previously published and half new.



• “How to Make a Marionette,” VASTARIEN: A Literary Journal. Forthcoming, November, 2019.

• “Mother Sylvia,” Nightscript, Volume Ved. C.M. Muller. 2019.

The annual anthology of strange and darksome tales edited by C.M. Muller.

With stories by Patricia Lillie, David McGroarty, Shannon Scott, Samuel M. Moss, J.A.W. McCarthy, Sean Logan, Sam Hicks, Simon Strantzas, M.K. Anderson, Dan Stintzi, Tracy Fahey, M.R. Cosby, Mary Portser, Charles Wilkinson, J.C. Raye, Brady Golden, Casilda Ferrante, Adam Meyer, and M. Lopes da Silva.

• “That’s What Friends Are For,” Supernatural Tales 42, ed. David Longhorn. Winter, 2019.

Supernatural Tales , edited by David Longhorn, is a thrice-yearly magazine dedicated to supernatural fiction, including ghost stories and “quiet horror.”

“Zwillingslied,” Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles, ed. C.M. Muller. 2019.

“Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles is an anthology of 22 tales, all of which examine the theme of the doppelgänger in unique and unexpected ways.” C.M. Muller, editor.

With stories by Tim Jeffreys, Clint Smith, Patricia Lillie, Chris Shearer, Shannon Lawrence, Charles Wilkinson, Craig Wallwork, David Peak, Jason A. Wyckoff, Esther Rose, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jack Lothian, Gordon B. White, Nina Shepardson, Timothy B. Dodd, Farah Rose Smith, Tom Johnstone, Jess Landry, C.C. Adams, Tim Major, J.C. Raye, and Erica Ruppert.

• “The Cuckoo Girls,” Nightscript, Volume 1, ed. C.M. Muller. October 2015.

For my moment of SQUEE, “The Cuckoo Girls” made Ellen Datlow’s Long List of Honorable Mentions for The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 8.

“An annual anthology of strange and darksome tales by twenty of the finest contemporary scribes. Kristi DeMeester, Gregory L. Norris, Charles Wilkinson, Patricia Lillie, David Surface, Daniel Mills, Kirsty Logan, Kyle Yadlosky, Clint Smith, Damien Angelica Walters, Eric J. Guignard, Marc E. Fitch, Michael Kelly, Bethany W. Pope, John Claude Smith, Zdravka Evtimova, Jason A. Wyckoff, Ralph Robert Moore, Christopher Burke, Michael Wehunt.”

• “Abby,” Deep Cuts: Mayhem, Menace, & Misery, eds. Angel Leigh McCoy, E.S. Magill, and Chris Marrs. January, 2013.

Stories by Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, Mehitobel Wilson, Lisa Morton, Sandra Odell, Samael Gyre, Sara Taylor, Michael Haynes, R.S. Belcher, Stephen Woodworth, C.W. Smith, Colleen Anderson, James Chambers, Ed Kurtz, Rachel Karyo, Kelly A. Harmon, Scathe meic Beorh, Patricia Lillie, Satyros Phil Brucato, and Rob M. Miller. Evil Jester Press 2013.

• “Laundry Lady,” MicroHorror: Short Stories. Endless Nightmares, ed. Nathan Rosen. July 2012.