Book Review: Suffer the Children, by Craig DiLouie

Michelle Lane reviews Craig DiLouie’s Bram Stoker Award nominated novel, Suffer the Children. Next week, she’ll have an interview with DiLouie.

Girl Meets Monster

Craig-DiLouie-Suffer-The-Children-coverIn his latest horror novel, Suffer the Children, Craig DiLouie’s apocalyptic vision is an interesting departure from the typical end-of-the world scenario. Although DiLouie has become known for his zombie apocalypse fiction, a sub-genre of horror that he excels at, in this chilling narrative he shines a light on some of our most common fears with a different kind of monster. Like Richard Matheson in his classic science fiction horror novel, I Am Legend, DiLouie depicts an alternative to the tropes of vampirism and provides new nightmarish what-if questions that ask the reader to contemplate just how far they would go to save their loved ones.

Herod Syndrome is a quick-spreading illness that appears without warning and wipes out the entire population of pre-teen children around the globe in roughly 48-hours. Scary, right? But wait. It gets better. Not only do all the children in world die, which…

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