Featured Font

Miss Kitty Delux A little cartoony, a little retro, a little coquettish, Miss Kitty Delux is ready for fun. Used in a non-OpenType aware application, she’s a lively little typeface. Use her in an OpenType aware application and she really shines: Contextual Alternates automatically dress her up the way she was meant to be. Gussy …

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New Fonts from Designer Brian Willson

While I was sleeping—a.k.a. immersed in grad school—my friend Brian Willson (not a Beach boy) released three new typefaces based on historical scripts. Abigail Adams was inspired by the handwriting of the second First Lady and first Second Lady of the United States. For Botanical Scribe, Brian turned to the script of Belgian artist and botanist Pierre-Joseph Redouté, …

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