Nightscript, Volume 1

Cover image from “Nøkken” (1904) by Theodor Kittelsen.
Cover image from “Nøkken” (1904) by Theodor Kittelsen.

Nightscript, Volume 1, edited by C.M. Muller, available in print and ebook editions from the publisher and Amazon. Contains my story “The Cuckoo Girls” along with stunning stories by Kristi DeMeester, Gregory L. Norris, Charles Wilkinson,  David SurfaceDaniel MillsKirsty Logan, Kyle Yadlosky, Clint SmithDamien Angelica WaltersEric J. Guignard,  Marc E. FitchMichael KellyBethany W. Pope,  John Claude Smith,  Zdravka Evtimova,  Jason A. Wyckoff,  Ralph Robert MooreChristopher Burke, and Michael Wehunt.

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